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Aircraft Controls (Commercial)
Analog Electronics

Cartridge Valves
Contract Cleaning
Control Components
Customer Service and Repairs

Digital Electronics
Direct Drive Valves (D633, D634)

Engine Controls (Commercial)
Engine Controls (Military)

Integrated Hydraulic Manifold Blocks

Launch Vehicle Propulsion

Military Gun Controls

Precision Cleaning
Propulsion Controls Valves

Satellite Propulsion

- Type 15 - Pressure Control Servovalves
- Type 26 - Single Inlet Flow Control Servovalves
- Type 30 - Flow Control Servovalves
- 62 Series Two Stage Servovalve
- 63 Series Servovalves
- 72 Series Two Stage Servovalve
- 78 Series Two Stage Servovalve
- 78N Series Explosion Proof Two Stage Servovalve
- 79 Series Three Stage Servovalve (79-100, 79-200)
- 728 Series Two Stage Servovalve
- 760 High Response Series Two Stage Servovalve
- 760-HP* Series High Pressure Two Stage Servovalve
- 760N Series Explosion Proof Two Stage Servovalve
- 770K Series Intrinsically Safe

- D765 Series Two Stage Servovalve
- D790 Series Three Stage Servovalve (D791, D792)
- G631 Series Two Stage Servovalve
- G761 Series Two Stage Servovalve
- G77X Series Two Stage Servovalve
- Moog Atchley Controls® JetPipe Series

Servo-Proportional Valves
- D633/D634 Direct Drive Valves
- D635 Series Direct Drive Pressure Control Valve
- D660 ServoJet® Piloted Spool and Body
- D680 DDV Piloted Spool and Body
- D691 Series ServoJet Piloted Pressure and Flow Control Valve

Strategic Launch Vehicles

Tactical Missile Controls
Test Equipment for Servovalves
Test Equipment for Valves

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